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LiquidPalooza 4.0 will take place October 9th - 12th, 2009 and is sponsored by BAWLS & Jinx!

TeamLQD's Calendar

Liquidjack has provided the floorplan. Please note the distinction between team red and team blue.

The following tournaments are scheduled, so get your strategies down while you still have time!

Game Tournament Type
Demigod Pantheon
Dawn of War II
1 versus 1
Call of Duty: MW & WaW Free For All

As always, check the games list for the full list of games that will be played. Please ensure all games are patched to date. We have provided a LAN Party checklist for your convenience so as not to forget anything at home. All attendees will receive free stickers courtesy of Jinx.

Please note the correct address is:

2800 E HWY 117
Sapulpa, OK

However, some mapping software such as google maps displays an incorrect location. The following address displays the correct event location in google:

6870 OK-117
Sapulpa, OK

Here is the location in street view. We are directly across from the gas station.

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Questions? Comments? Email

Attendees Confirmed: 15

2800 E HWY 117